What we do

In its simplest possible terms, we make your workspace dreams become reality.

As you would expect, making this actually happen is always more complicated, but this is where partnering with Tecnics Interiors pays dividends. With our Pure Projects ethos and comprehensive in-house expertise, we will fully manage your project from start to finish. You can relax and enjoy the end results while we deal with every stage of your refurbishment project.

Types of project undertaken

Every client – and every project – is different, with a unique set of goals. There really isn’t a definitive list of the types of projects Tecnics Interiors undertake, but in general terms, here are some of the types of work which we carry out:

Small refurbishments and building maintenance • Large scale turnkey projects • Space planning • Design and build projects • Suspended ceilings • Partitioning • Raised access flooring • Data centres and server rooms • Clean environments • Mezzanine floors • Mechanical and electrical services

Read more detail on our building services and turnkey project capabilities and see for yourself the strength and depth that Tecnics Interiors can offer.

How we do it

As mentioned above, we recognise that every project is different. So first and foremost, we work with our clients so that we can fully understand their needs and aims. This forms the start of the consultation process which doesn’t stop there – consultation and reporting is a key element of our Pure Projects ethos and is an ongoing process throughout the span of your project.

Proposals and recommendations

Once we have a really good idea of the project requirements and its ultimate aims, we at Tecnics Interiors will formulate and present our proposals – with recommendations – for how the project can best be delivered. These will not only cover initial design proposals, but will also take into account any legislative implications, including planning and building control, H&S requirements including CDM (Construction Design and Management) regulations.

Design drawings

We’ll then discuss these proposals and recommendations with you, taking into account any additional modifications and requirements which may come to light, before proceeding to the design drawing stage. Our highly experienced in-house team will develop all the necessary drawings and CAD visuals required to help bring the proposals to life. These also form the basis of the required engineering drawings for the refurbishment works and any planning/consent applications that may be required.

Legislative matters

Tecnics Interiors are fully conversant with all current planning and legislative requirements and will make any necessary legislative submissions on your behalf. We will work to ensure that the project is steered through this stage with the minimum of fuss and expense, keeping the project as hassle-free as possible for you.

Project realisation

A Tecnics Interiors project team, headed by a dedicated Project Manager, will be appointed to cover all of the necessary trades for your refurbishment project. The Project Manager will both oversee project delivery and report regularly on its progress so that you are kept fully abreast of developments through every stage of the project realisation process.

Completion, handover and after-sales support

Ultimately the project will be finished and handover will take place. But for us the process is not over – Tecnics Interiors’ Project Managers also offer after-sales support so that, in the unlikely event that everything is not 100% to your satisfaction, any issues are dealt with quickly, efficiently and with the minimum of impact on your workplace.

At every stage of the project delivery process, it is our fervent aim to ensure that our clients are happy and kept fully aware of progress. We believe that by staying true to our Pure Projects ethos we can deliver the best possible results for our clients, while ensuring that the whole process is as simple and painless as possible, so that clients can enjoy their newly-refurbished workplace and begin to reap its benefits right from the word ‘go’.

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